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Boat Training Given in Vancouver, WA with Tidewater Environmental Services

Tidewater Environmental Services, a client from Vancouver, WA, received their first training on general boating and understanding the Operation Manual that is given with each Workskiff. Our team spent countless hours preparing a presentation with the necessary information to correctly teach current and future clients. The purpose of this training is to help boat operators feel comfortable and confident on the water. Whether smooth sailing or strong tides occur, proper training and a dedicated manual will teach proper protocol and provide relief on the water.

Commander Requested By Portland District US Army Corp

The Portland District US Army Corp of Engineers recently received a 32 x 10 ft Commander with a survey package add-on. The survey package includes a Furano navigation lot made up of radar, chart plotter, GPS, autopilot, and heading sensor. Located in Coos Bay, OR, the vessel will be used to operate off and near shore with VHF radios. The Survey station accommodates two monitors with an HD monitor at the helm. Included are ac and DC power outlets for a 3,000-watt AC pure sine wave interior with mitigating shock seating. The exterior is equipped with a slide and swivel

MJ Hogan Inc. Receives 23′ Cathedral Center Console

“The boat exceeds my expectation in every way, it is built like a tank and is a very stable platform. We use it frequently for hip towing in the marina and for line hauling in the harbor.” – Jerry Hogan – MJ Hogan Inc. MJ Hogan Marine is based in Savanna, Georgia, and generally uses its boats for line hauling, towing, stevedoring, marina maintenance, and as a rental for a movie production company. The vessel is outfitted with a custom large flat deck, tow post, engine guard, push knees, and a single Yamaha F250 outboard engine.

Aramark Requests Work Barge for Lake Powell Resorts

Utah is home to several lakes and resorts which is why Aramark ordered a custom work barge to maintain the marina of the Lake Powell resorts in Utah. The vessel was built in four sections at our facility in Sedro Woolley, WA then dry-assembled for fit and preconfiguring of all electrical and mechanical systems. Prior to shipment, the vessel was disassembled and loaded on a tractor-trailer for transport over the road as a 10 ft. wide load. The barge was unloaded at the customer’s site and the components were welded and the mechanical and electrical were completed. The process was

Fully Stocked Pacific Gas & Electric Dive boat

The Pacific Gas and Electric (PGE) dive boat is well equipped with everything necessary for success. Essentially used for maintenance at the California Diablo Canyon Power Plant, the PGE boat is part of our Commander Series measuring 27’ x 8.5’ with a T-Top Console. The craft is surrounded by a heavy-duty D rubber fender and includes an 18-degree deadrise. As well as a dive door, PGE chose to customize their dive boat with a dive ladder and a custom dive bottle rack.  Powering the heavy-duty utility boat are twin Yamaha 150 HP DEC engines. The electrical system is rigged with

Workskiff builds barge with crane for Boats Lifts International

Boat Lifts International Barge was designed and built for multi-purpose marine work. It is based on our 30′ X 8.5 design with T-Top console. The barge has a Palfinger Knuckle Boom Crane that is engineered for lifting boats, equipment, cargo and other multi-purpose work.

Workskiff builds two hydrographic survey boats for the US Navy.

The U.S Naval Survey Team contracted with Workskiff to build two 31’ hydrographic survey boats for construction in 2019 and 2020. The requirement was for a tailorable boat, with a moonpool and transducer deployment system, that could be loaded inside a C-120 Transport plane. The design is based on Workskiff Commander series, with reduced cabin height and fold-down deck gear. The boat needed to remain fully operational in sea state 3 and survive in sea state 4. The naval brief also called for an operational profile of two hours at cruise speed (25 knots) and twelve hours at survey speed


WORKSKIFF DELIVERs 26′ LANDING CRAFT TO U.S. ARMY CORPS OF ENGINEERS Workskiff’s Landing Craft was designed and built for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to conduct maintenance work on the Lower Monumental Dam in Franklin County, WA. This vessel is based on a 26′ X 8.5′ hull with a pilot house, commercial grade davit, powered bow door, and twin Yamaha 150 HP. The craft is known for its stability, payload accessibility, and custom features.

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